Saturday, November 7, 2009

BMW Launches Diesel Sipping 320d EfficientDynamics Sedan in Europe

Want a premium sedan that won't hurt the environment? BMW has the answer with its 320d EfficientDynamics model--but only if you in Europe.

The new 320d ED model will debut at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show in September. While a 320d had been offered in the past, the old car was nowhere as stingy on fuel as the new 320d ED model.

To create the most efficient premium compact sedan, BMW started with its already efficient 2.0-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine and added a number of technologies that embody its EfficientDynamics range.

The 320d ED receives optimized aerodynamics, an extra-long final drive ratio, and an innovative dual-mass flywheel. Also improwing fuel consumption are eletric power steering, a shift light, and start/stop system that sources its power through regerative braking.

These changes help make BMW the first automaker to crack the 110 grams of C02 per kilometer emissions mark with a premium compact sedan.

The 320d ED emits 109 grams per kilometer, which renders it eligible for special tax exemptions in some EU countries. The car also returns 57 mpg combined on the European test cycle, a substantial improvement over the base 320d's 49 mpg rating.

Luckily for the European consumer, these features don't add a premium to the pricetag. The new 320d ED is expected to sticker at approximately $42.000, which is roughly the same cost as the previous 320d.

By Andrew Peterson,

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