Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fine wit the vegetarian

Ate vegetarian food for your body was very beneficial for our body moreoveur beforehand you were used to consume fatty animal product high.In the city world,restaurant especially the vegetarian was enough to fin it easy in search.Vegetarian also was one of the choiches of the menu thatin offered by the airline vegetarian.For you that the vegetarian certainly did not consume the aniamal hind or products and his descendants,ha him restricted himslelf to vegetarian products.

For you that vegetarian
-chose the source protein from peanuts of red,peanuts tolo,almond,the soybean,his whim like and milk
-chose sereal that has fortifikasi
-for that could milk and the egg better should not be abundant in view of the fact that the content of was not bared him could in crease the affected risk of the illness the heart
-food that contained fibre like vitamins C,to increased the absorption of the subtance iron
-for vegetarian,countinued consumed food th contained vitamins B12 like milk the soybean and sereal that has in fortifikasi in creased from the supplement.

You could chose the kind ate food,could tried cooking from east asia in the style or india,thailand,indonesia,chiness,or really from italy and meksiko,really from the ase contries usually not plump.Bough the book of pilot recipe for vegetarian,a you could make various food kinds in accordance with apptite you,to vegetarian not too much heavy,if you were your vegetarian had LDL low fan froom the affected risk the illness diabetes,obesitas in the their equal that was used to eat food that contained meat.

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