Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Among the top fantasies that women have is domination over men. this idea may be more appropriate for discussions in a social studies class, but the concept found its way inside the bedroom too. surveys say that there are more women who find sexual arousal in the idea that they hold more control or power over men while having sex.

The most favorite sexual fantasy acts include spankin or trashing out their partners while having sex and telling the men what sexual position or act to perform. but female domination in bed is not confined to sex being like a punishment for men, the mere instance that a man is asked to beg for what he wats in bed can give the modern woman that feeling of domination she wants.


Despite the fact that sexual fantasies in women are still frowned upon in many conservative sociaties, it is not surprising that more and more women express their fantasies about having sex in front of spectators. indeed, women of this century are more confident about themselves and the idea that people are watching them while doing the deed sends their excitement, and orgasms, up the roof.


Remember how most girls dream abou being in distress and being rescued by their prince charming in the and? well, in this age, women still enjoy dreaming about being in the arms of a stranger. sex with a mystery partner is one of the most interesting and popular sexual in women.

This imagination is brought about by a woman's craving to appreciated for who she is. longtime partners often judge women, so they think that the only time that tey can feel sexually out of the cage and relaxed is when they do it with a stranger. and the best part of kind of relationship, women say, is leaving the stranger arter the deed as if nothing happened.

Truly, women's sexuality has evolved and constraints or old standrds that some parts of society apply to it can do nothing to stop this transformation. the best example of the change in women's sexuality is in their sexual fantasies. but still, a woman's physicality will continue to play a role in her sexual reformation.

Take the case of female sexual dysfuntions like having low levels of sex drive. no matter how mature o advenced a woman may become sexually, her body's inherent limitations on sex can rain on her parade. but thankfully, there are products that can correct a woman's sexual problem. products like fematril can eliminate problems like low libido.

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