Sunday, November 16, 2008

Green tea

One of the natural materials that can neutralise the illness is green fat inside the body.The research that in publish american of clinical neutrotion mention that the extract every day for 3 months evidently could reduced fat in the body in compare with only drink tea ooloong.

All over the world of green tea popular have the effective usefulness for the health.Between him can preuen the heart disuase and stroke.Well-off stimulate the system sirkulasi,rein forced bloods vessels and lover the iruel of cholesterol in blood.

Green tea was the natural drink that could refresh stamina you.during this matter has in carried out the research tha tin did by kyushu scientists uneversity,japan.They proved found antioksidan that was very potent in green tea and the scientific research this found again the content of the compouand that in full methylated ECGC.The findings already in proved in the test laboratium to human cells.

If you every day drank green tea,then will feel his usefulness.Now the research that was carried out to the shanghai chiness,the year 1997,green tea teas could reduce the risk towards pancreas cancer and rektum.The statement this in suggesten international journal of cancer in the year 2004.Journal this also explained produced by study against the chnesr in habitants who liked to consume tea this,study that concluded the existense of the reduotion in the risk of prostat cancer for they who consumed green tea routinely.

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