Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Lose Your Weight

If your body is too fat you should lose weight to maintain your health, start with regular, obesity is a health problem, could be a strong motivation to start a weight loss program.
You can start your weight gradually by eating patterns and maintain adequate exercise, if done regularly so disciplined and your weight in a few months will show a significant decline.

Day after day (and nigh) we struggle with decisions that affect our weight loss plan. It is simple to keep to a basic strategy that will curb your urgens and help you make healthy decisions every time. Here is a list of easy tips..

1.Plan on eating small meals throughout the day. If you are eating one or two meals, you are not keeping your metabolism alive. Take your snacks to work or wherever you spend your day, don't wait till you get there and try to figure something out.

2.Healthy snack ideas are nuts (almonds, cashews, unsalted raw sunflower and brazil nuts are good choices.) also berries, especially strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are good for you. Jicama with a squeeze of lime and cayenne makes a wonderful snack.

3.Eat fresh and clean whenever possible. We have choices in front of us every time we eat. Choose foods that are fresh, not packaged and clean, meaning no additives or preservatives. You wouldn't put junk in the gas tank of your car, whould you? Your body is a highly sophisticated machine and much more valuable than a car. Think before you put anything in your body's gas tank.

4.No white trash. This means, avoid eating white flour, sugar, rice, etc. This does not apply to vegetables people; eat your cauliflower.

5.If you are craving sweets, have a piece of fruit. Bananas work great!

6.Stretch your lifestyle to include at least 3 or 4 days of cardio exercise. This is not work. It is fun, brisk exercise. Take a fast walk or dance around the room or jog in place to your favorite song. Buy a jump rope! Be a kid again!

7.Get your zzzzzzz's! Seven to 8 hours a night for sleep is key. Adequate sleep, keeps your mind in check, helps your mood and allows you to make better decisions about cravings throughout the day.

8.Drink water all day. This time of year, you need more water than ever. Concentrate on drinking about 96 ounces, or 3 liters a day, more if you are in an exercise program, outside in the summer heat or a weight loss client above your ideal healthy weight.

9.If you realize bad eating habits, record what you are eating, journal about it, write down what you are eating and how are feeling. When you pay attention to what you are doing, you are more likely to realize the outcome.

10.Everything in moderation! Just because you are eating more healthy, that doesn't mean eat more! Keep your exercise in check, don't wear yourself down and don't go to the scale everyday. Jus focus on a healthy lifestyle that has lots of new and exciting options. The world is full of great, delicious, fun options! Live!

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