Thursday, July 2, 2009


You like fruit? If you like eating fruit, you definitely of good and quality. No only the fruits that you consumptiont certain oxygen containing subtance that is nutritius, following a tip choosinc good fruit.

Percussion fruit hands with the fingers if beeb it weight, the apple is not god any more or dry water.

Press apple fruit , if fruit is not har means more fruits is not good. Of course later the result will be disappointing if in the eating. Apple is good skin does not have flawless the speck, while in the grasp and still feels hard smell it.

Choose bananas and avoid the rounded choos bananas that stem dry. It shaul be banana yellow, do not or choose a banana colored brown.

Select a melon fruit skin fresh, there saying that the sweat, is a surface hn the meet-strand fiber that is very prominent.

Select vineyards that still stick to have its stem, do not choose grape that is soft and wrinkled, select a still fresh. Note also the skin thicness, if thin, the water contents found in the fruit wine is nany.

Choose fruit that is still hard avocado and light skin color (not overcooked).

Choose the mango fruit is fragrant and smell it not flabby and not a bruise on the tip of the its surface select mango colorful colors.

To maintain health select fruit that sterile and input into thd engine cooking, that can eat for a long time.

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