Monday, July 13, 2009

Tips make up the face

For you women, make up the routine activities that you often do, I will give you a guide how to order how to make up your face make you so comfortable and melancolis seen, tip following recipe is easy to do in.

The basics of make up your face can be made simple.

* clear lid with a special cleaning eye.
*it up with a few fresher faces to make it more fresh.
*use moisturizer is thin and evenly on the face and neck.

Remember that when plucking your eyebrows you should not over-pluck them. Only pluck away stray hairs below the b row line, never above the brow. If you are in extreme doubt about the shape of your eyebrows, have them first styled by a professional.

Once you have the basic shape you can maintain the style with periodic grooming. Also, you need to ensure that you have the right tools too so choose a professional set of tweezers to help you.

If you decide to shape and style your eyebrows yourself, here are some general rules to follow.

For the abused eyebrow:
If you have abused your eyebrows with over plucking and uneven grooming, look into an eyebrow stencil kit.

1. Choose an eyebrow stencil with a shape that best fits your face and personality.
2. Follow the directions in the kit and fill in the area where your brows should be with the kit's eyebrow power.

3. Stop plucking inside the stencil areas and give your brows a rest!

You will notice that the kit will help you create a well proportioned, beatiful brow and will wean you off over-plucking for good!

For the ignored eyebrow:
-Prepare to create the perfect eyebrow shape by starting with the right tools which include a good pair of tweezers (ideally with a textured, slanted edge) and an eyebrow kit with stencils. Often the stencil kits will include detailed intructions. Read the intructions before you start to use the kit.

- The best time to pluck your eyebrows is after a hot shower when your skin is clean and soft. If you are extremely sensitive you can also numb the area with a little ice or on oral pain-relieving gel like anbesol which is used to numb canker sores.

- Make sure that you have enough light and a good mirror to see what you are doing.

- Use your stencil kit o outline the shape of the brow you are going to create. The stencil will help you create two evenly balanced eyebrows and prevent you from over plucking.

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