Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Schwarzenegger signs tougher anti-paparazzi law

Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an amendment that permits lawsuits agains media outles who pay for material that they know was illegally obtained.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has si
gned an anti-paparazzi bill making it easier to sue media outlets that use photos that invade celebrities' privacy.

The former Terminator star signed an amendment Sunday to a decade-old law that allows fines against paparazzi who illegally or offensively take photos or recordings.
The amendment permits lawsuits againts media outles that pay for and make first use of material they knew was improperly obtained.

Tabloid magazines, TV show and Internet sites sometimes pay millions for celebrity fodder.

In 1998 Schwarzenegger had his car surrounded by paparazzi as he picked up his child from school. Other stars have had car accidents while trying to flee swarms of photograpers.

The amendment takes effect in January.

Source: www.usatoday.com

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