Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano got a complete redesign, with a cleaner, sleeker look on the outside (except for the controversial grille), along with a more sophisticated-looking interior. Overall, reviewers are split over some of the details on the Murano, but responses are way more positive than negative.

Reviewers have plenty to say about the exterior styling of the 2010 Nissan Murano. AutoWeek likes the "cleaner look," while thinks "the Murano's nose looks like a cross between the previous generation and the smaller Rogue crossover," and counters that the "rear end isn't as bulbous." MyRide dissects the Murano's styling and compares it to the 2007 version (Nissan skipped the 2008 model year as it prepared the new version).

MyRide notes the headlights form a horizontal line with the grille now, while the fenders have "a strong-shouldered appearance." They also point out the climbing line down the side of the Murano, and its "clean new tail design," with standard LED tail lamps, so it's not all bad.

Automobile is one of the few sources to critize some details-like the grille-lobbing catcalls at the Murano's "crooked chrome teeth, "the ridiculously oversize badging."

With the redesign that the Nissan Murano received last year, Nissan kept the interior virtually the same but completely restyled the instrument panel. MyRide asserts the new interior is "along the lines of what buyers might expect behind an infiniti badge," and notes the integrition of the gauges and the more upscale materials.

Autoblog says, "Softer plastics are found everywhere one might reasonably be expected to put a hand." They also compliment the Murano's dash, remarking "the new orange-lighted instrument cluster is a welcome improvement, as is the more ergonomic and eye-pleasing center stack."

AutoWeek approves of the Nissan Murano's interior, calling it "warm and modern, with simple, easy-to-navigate controls, abundant storage and good build quality." Car and Driver sums it up by noting that style-wise, the Murano's interior has "gone from class lagging to class leading."


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