Saturday, October 31, 2009

European Super Civic

There's nothing wrong with the Honda Civic Type R, but if you ever felt that it needed an extra bit of poke to truly challenge its hot hatch brethren, be glad that its time has finally come courtesy of tge engineering wizards from Mugen.

We've known all along that Honda's in-house performance tuning division Mugen had been hard at work to b>develop the Type R to even higher levels of naturally-aspirated insanity,
but the Japanese firm kept tight-lipped about the details until it confirmed that a limited run of the Type R Mugen would be made available for the United Kingdom.

Hand-built in the UK and coated in "Championship White" (Honda's traditional racing colour), the Type R Mugen boasts a new rear wing for increased downforce, and composite side skirts as well as a custom grille with integrated Mugen badge.

To further distinguish the Type R Mugen, it will also wear a special badge on the centre console that lists the serial number of each unique model.

An optional "Track Pack" sees the addition of Recaro race-style seats up front and the removal of the rear seats, as well as water and oil temperature
pressure gauges to go with the oil pressure gauge. Data recording equipment and road-legal track tyres are also included.

Mugen engineers have squeezed 177 kW and 213 N.m of torque at 8 300 and 6 250 r/min respectively from the familiar K20A 2,0-litre 16-
valve four-cylinder engine through the use of high-performance camshafts, new pistons, and optimised intake and exhaust systems.

With power sent to the front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox, Honda claims that the Type R Mugen sprints to 100 km/h from Zero in 6,0 seconds on its way to a top speed of 240 km/h.

Handling has also been tweaked considerably with the use of a limited-slip differential, a revised suspension set-up with custom springs and dampers and four-piston brake calipers, which hide behind a set of light-alloy wheels which weigh just less than 8 kg apiece.

"Each Type R Mugen will be an excluse, hand-built race car for the road. When we launched the Civic Type RR saloon in Japan, we sold out of all 300 units in just six minutes,"
said Mugen Europe Vice President Hiroki Toyoda, who hopes for similiar success with the R Mugen.


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